Appending zac.log to ztoolkit.log

When a device is registered to a ZCM zone in phase2 of the ENGL Imaging Toolkit's build process, the registration log is saved in a file called c:\ztoolkit\zac.log.

For troubleshooting purposes it might be convenient to have this information in ztoolkit.log as well. This little vbscript, to be run in phase2-after.vbs, appends the zac.log to ztoolkit.log:


Function AppendZacLogfile

  on error resume next

  Set FSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject").OpenTextFile("c:\ztoolkit\zac.log",1)
  strZacLogging = FSO.ReadAll()

  Status = Utils.AppendLog("phase2-after.vbs: " & strZacLogging)

  If Err.Number <> 0 then  
    'MsgBox "An error occured in routine AppendZacLogfile()"
    Status = Utils.AppendLog("phase2-after.vbs: " & "AppendZacLogfile()" & " an error occurred " & Err.Number)
    Status = Utils.AppendLog("phase2-after.vbs: " & "AppendZacLogfile()" & " successfully")
  End If
End Function

Tags: ENGL, Novell, ZCM

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